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HiFi Club’s mission is to provide our clients with amazing custom electronic entertainment and control systemsthat are immensely pleasing to see and hear, and are effortless to use.
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The process of owning an amazing HiFi Club system begins with a no-obligation consultation, preferably before construction begins. At this meeting your questions are answered and our ideas are offered. HiFi Club staff work closely with you, your architect and contractors, to make sure that proposed entertainment and control systems fit perfectly with your esthetic and lifestyle.      Once your project begins we stay organized and in touch, with the help of sophisticated software, to schedule work, provide information and respond to changes. If desired, HiFi Club can be a stand-alone design/build team for retrofits. When your project is complete, a free warranty period covers parts and labor, and after that we remain committed to the service and support of everything we sell for as long as you own your systems.
When HiFi Club opened for business in 1988, we specialized in high quality, easy-to-use audio systems, with custom-programmed remote controls. We have since expanded our specialties to include home theaters, home networks, and integrated “smart home” control systems. Our Crestron, Savant, and Control4 systems allow homeowners to automate their homes exactly as desired. An integrated home has far fewer wall switches and boxes to clutter walls and remember how to use. A well-designed, quality home automation system will allow a single touch screen to stand in place of light switches, security camera interfaces, garden irrigation timers, intercoms, audio system controls, and so on. What’s more, automation systems can be designed to save energy and water, remotely monitor and lock doors, and allow secure control from anywhere via the web. HiFi Club is a full-service systems integration firm with the experience and talent to correctly design, precisely install, and properly maintain home automation systems. Our goal is satisfying every client with custom electronics systems that are amazingly cool and effortless to use.
favorite home control systems    Crestron, Control 4, Savant
favorite audio products   Crestron, James, PSB, Sonance,Sonos, Thiel, Triad
Whole house music systems by HiFi Club create seamless environments of rich and clear sound without ruining the décor and function of your room. Sometimes called “distributed audio”, these systems allow a single stack of components to fill a whole house with the same music, or play different selections in different rooms at the same time. Most audio components, with their many wires and connectors, can be placed in professional quality equipment racks and located in a closet, cabinet, or mechanical room, to keep them out of sight and allow easy service. Small, simple controls in each room allow complete access to your favorite tunes.
The terms “home theater” and “media room” can be used interchangeably, but we think of a Home Theater as a dedicated room with lots more going on than a big TV screen and a surround sound system.       When crafting amazing home theaters, we begin with our clients’ dreams and priorities, then work closely with their design-build teams to get the best possible results. Besides making sure that electronic components fit and work perfectly, we pay attention to the total theater’s comfort, ease of use, and long term reliability. When needed, we provide acoustical wall treatments with custom fabrics, detailed plans and elevations, equipment cabinetry solutions, and theater seating. Our systems have customized remote controls that get your entertainment started within seconds, and can also automate room lighting, HVAC, window shades and more.       Our clients’ dreams are often realized by entertainment systems that are integrated into family rooms, master bedroom suites, or home offices, and which are unnoticeable when not in use. Loudspeakers, components, projectors and screens or large TVs, fit flush into walls and enclosed into cabinets. Amazing multi-media systems can be fitted to any location, including great rooms, outdoor patios, and yachts.       No matter what shape your dreams take, impressive performance, reliability, and ease-of use are essential elements of HiFi Club’s home electronics systems. 
favorite theater components   Anthem, Bryston, Crestron, Data Sat, Fortress Seating, Genelec, Integra, Kaleidescape, Lexicon, Runco, Stewart, Triad, Thiel, Savant Systems, Screen Excellence, Sony, Wisdom Audio, Quest Acoustical Interiors
Since the invention of high fidelity LPs, we’ve known that recorded music can be reproduced so accurately that listeners have the experience of a live performance in their own DEDICATED MUSIC LISTENING ROOMS. HiFi Club is named for just such a magical experience and the company remains devoted to “high fidelity” in music systems. For those who desire the finest in music reproduction, HiFi Club has experienced audiophiles on staff who can advise clients on the selection and precise installation of fine loudspeakers and high performance electronics, including classic turntables and vacuum tube amplifiers. For luxurious music listening, we also offer input on room acoustical treatments, seating, lighting, and any level of automated controls.
favorite audiophile elements   Bryston, James, Krell, Martin Logan, Music Hall Turntables, PSB, Quest Acoustical Interiors, Thiel, Wisdom Audio
Formerly known for “watching TV”, video systems are now used for entertainment, education, advertising and social connections. HiFi Club video systems engineers keep up on the latest proven technologies and help clients effortlessly enjoy everything amazing in the marketplace. Multi-room video systems are a great solution for larger homes and office suites since a single stack of components can receive, store and deliver content to numerous video screens simultaneously. 
favorite video systems   Crestron, Kaleidescape, TiVO, Runco, Savant, SONY
Professional care of a high performance, custom electronics systems is integral to its faithful performance and lifespan. Your integrated home may have dozens of programmable or “smart” components for controlling music, media room, lights, shades and other systems. Reliable control of your home environment is best assured when its electronics systems have timely software updates and regular comprehensive performance checks. When it comes to fine sound, video and automation systems, a well-tuned home is a great place to live and a worthwhile investment.      Every finished system provided by HiFi Club includes a post-installation warranty period where we make return visits at no charge to give education sessions, do fine tuning, and adjust components as necessary. After this initial warranty period, we provide annual service plans that are customized to your systems, your lifestyle and your convenience. Plans can include 24/7 monitoring of key components, allowing our technicians to identify issues before they become problems, and fix some problems without making a service call to your home.